Stuff Protector

Create an alarm to alert you when someone is close by.

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Learn how to use sensors to create interactive gadgets.


2. CREATE THE stuff protector

Watch the video instructions to create your very own smart alarm.


3. activate stuff protector

Install and test it out!

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 1.27.10 PM.png


How can you customize you stuff protector to fit your needs? Here are some ideas:

  1. GET CRAFTY: Use stickers and craft materials to make your stuff protector either stand out or camoflage into the surroundings.

  2. SWAP THE OUTPUTS: Can you change the way your stuff protector notifies you that it has been triggered? Try swapping in the long LED for the buzzer.

  3. GET SNEAKY: Can you use your stuff protector as a prank? What is the sneakiest place you can hide it and catch someone off guard?