• STEM jobs are experiencing 5x faster growth than other types of roles (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • STEM jobs garner 30% higher wages (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • We don’t have enough kids pursuing STEM: By high school, only 36% boys, 11% girls are interested in STEM (Ernst & Young)

  • Today, 84 percent of working professionals in science or engineering jobs in the U.S are white or Asian males (National Science Foundation).

  • In 1984, 37% of computer science majors in the U.S. were women. Today, only 18% are. (NPR)

  • By age 6, girls already start thinking they are not smart enough. (Science Magazine)

  • While hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to raise awareness of the problem, in 25 years the rates have remained unchanged (US Dept of Commerce)

  • The Gender Gap Starts With Allowance: According to one year of data from 10,000 families who use the BusyKid app, parents give girls an average $6.71 per week, about half the $13.80 boys received. (Quartz)

  • By age nine, the gender gap starts to appear with girls’ interest related to STEM. (PLoS ONE)


  • Hands on Learning Makes a Big Difference to Encourage Girls in STEM: 75% of girls who participate in STEM clubs and activities understand the types of jobs they could do with STEM knowledge, compared to 53 percent who do not participate in those activities. (Microsoft)

  • Girls who have mentors are 2.5 times more likely to be confident in their ability to succeed in school and careers (source).

  • Attract kindergarten to 12th-grade girls to computer science and retain them. (Girls Who Code Policy Agenda)

  • Women in computing could more than triple by 2025 (Cracking the Gender Code, Girls Who Code)

  • CSbyALL: a new project to document the actual history of the modern computer science education movement (Feld Thoughts)

  • Studies have shown that students achieve higher grades, by as much as 70% in math and 40% in science, when they’re able to do hands-on activities related to those subjects such as robotics. (Forbes)



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