We Need More Girls In STEM!


Snap The Gap is a grant-funded initiative aimed at closing the opportunity gap in STEM.

Our program is grant-funded and includes three key components to impact the opportunity gap:

  1. Hands-on learning with littleBits

  2. Access to STEM courses & online peer community through DIY.org (previously JAM.com)

  3. In-person mentorship


Join Us!

Snap the Gap is a free program for 10-12 year old youth. There are two ways you can participate:

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Become An Official Snap The Gap Site

Are you a California after school program or organization interested in bringing Snap The Gap to your community? Apply to be a Site Coordinator today!

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Do you love tinkering, experimenting and inventing? Have a passion for getting more youth into STEM? Join us. We’ve made it effortless to mentor. Apply today!


Program Overview

Snap the Gap™ is a grant-funded initiative designed to empower, excite, encourage and engage girls in STEM topics, with the aim of closing the gender gap in these fields. The 2019/2020 pilot program is targeted at 10-12 year-old youth in California.

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Program Components

Youth participating in Snap The Gap will receive the following program components for FREE!

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1. Hands on experiential learning

Each participant will receive a littleBits Snap The Gap STEM Inventor Kit. littleBits encourage youth to learn through physical play, turn their ideas into inventions, and solve problems they care about.

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Participants will receive 20 hours of in-person mentorship over the course of the program. Girls who have had mentors are 2.5 times more likely to be confident in their ability to succeed in school and careers.



Each participant will receive a 1-year subscription to DIY.org (previously JAM.com), the largest paid subscription STEM course platform for youth. The youth can post projects, participate in challenges, and interact with fellow peers.


Program Experience

  • The Snap The Gap Program starts with a kickoff event.

  • During the program, girls will be mentored in small groups or one-on-one by a mentor working in a STEM field. The program consists of 10-12 sessions, adding up to 20 in-person mentorship hours. In addition, girls will have opportunities in-between sessions to explore their STEM passion via DIY.org (previously JAM.com).

    • Site Coordinators can choose between two scheduling options for the10 sessions

      • 10 weeks (1 session per week)

      • 6 weeks (~2 sessions per week)

  • The program concludes with a final showcase event.


See Snap The Gap In Action


2019/20 Program Dates

We will take applicants on a first come first served basis until we reach15,000 youth.

Choose a Schedule:

  • 10 weeks (1 session per week)

  • 6 weeks (~2 sessions per week)

Choose a Start Date:

  • 2019

    • 10/15: Apply by September 14

    • 11/1: Apply by September 30


    • 1/1: Apply by November 30

    • 2/1: Apply by December 30

    • 3/1: Apply by January 30

    • 4/1: Apply by February 30



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