Snap The Gap MUSIC Kit

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KIT OVERVIEW (Watch video!)

This introductory kit includes everything kids need to turn their ideas into musical inventions. With a range of sensors and Bits that make sound, kids gain STEAM skills by learning how technology is built and how it works.

With this kit, kids can build and customize a rockin' synth guitar using littleBits electronic building blocks, then transform it into new electronic instruments of their own. Learn STEAM skills and get inspired by real-world changemakers




With your mentee, follow the steps in the instruction booklet to build your first littleBits circuit. Make sure to turn the power on!

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There are two ways to access more build instructions for the inventions in the Kit:

  1. Girls enter their Snap The Gap JAM code at to get a free year-long subscription to all the courses on *Note: Girls will need a parent present in order to do this

  2. During sessions, if your mentee does not have their login information for, we will provide the video instructions through the mentor portal at

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paper templates

The Snap The Gap MUSIC Kit comes with paper templates and stickers that your mentee will use to create structure from some of her inventions.

These are important! Makes sure not to lose any of these parts.

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Bits are electronic building blocks that create the interactions within an invention. The Snap The Gap MUSIC Kit comes with 8 Bits.

Check out the Snap The Gap MUSIC Kit Bit Index for detailed information about each Bit in your kit.

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Accessories work together with Bits to create structure and bring inventions to life

Check out the Snap The Gap MUSIC Kit Bit Index for detailed information about the accessories in this kit.

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