Snap the Gap™ is a grant-funded initiative to close the opportunity gap in STEM by providing hands-on opportunities for 10-12 year old girls in the United States to learn science, technology and engineering. While other not for profit initiatives have successfully raised awareness of the problem, we are addressing it head on.


The Opportunity Gap

Data shows that the opportunity gap in STEM appears around the fourth grade. Providing mentorship and hands-on learning to girls before they get discouraged is the most effective way to keep them involved with STEM. Intervening at the right time with the right tools will result in more females having careers in STEM.

Source: PLoS ONE


Our Method

Our program is a grant-funded initiative & includes three key components to impact the opportunity gap:

PDP_Snap-the-Gap_Base_v1-0 SMALLEST.png


The STEM Starter Packs will feature a uniquely branded littleBits Base Inventor Kit, encouraging youth to learn through physical play, turn their ideas into inventions, and solve problems they care about.



Girls who have had mentors are 2.5 times more likely to be confident in their ability to succeed in school and careers. That’s why the Snap the Gap program includes 10-20 hours with a STEM mentor via California Million Women Mentors, a program that supports the engagement of millions of STEM mentors. Through sustained mentorship, the youth will be exposed to role models in the STEM field who they can relate to or look up to.


peer community

Each STEM Starter Pack will include a one-year subscription to DIY.org (previously JAM.com), the largest paid subscription STEM course platform for kids. This is a safe space for creative girls to meet like-minded peers, invent, and share their work. DIY.org invites youth into a community where they can feel like they belong.