Snap the Gap's Fall Cohort Kicks off in September with 1500 Girls!


Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Snap the Gap programs from all over the state of California, from San Diego to Sacramento, kick off this fall as part of our 2019 pilot. In September, a cohort of 1500 girls will embark on journeys to discover their STEM passions. The 10 session Snap the Gap program is designed to change girls' attitudes and perceptions of STEM subjects and careers through hands-on inventing, in-person mentorship, and online peer community of inventors.

The curriculum is designed to get girls excited about STEM and build confidence in their ability to invent the world they want to live in. Introductory sessions get girls familiar with littleBits. Girls will then hone their inventor skills through a series of guided inventions, like wearable navigation devices and a trash chomping monsters. Girls will continue on to invent their own unique inventions from challenge prompts like "invent a chain reaction contraption" or "invent an interactive carnival game", and then share their final projects in a celebratory showcase. In between sessions, mentors encourage girls to explore (now called and try out different STEM projects to discover their interests. And did we mention, every session highlights inspiring women in STEM, so girls get a sense of what is possible.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the activities included in the Snap the Gap course:



Learn about sensors and create a handheld device that lets you to navigate in the dark.



Learn about interaction design and invent an interactive carnival game for others to play!

bumperball 3.jpg

We think we are on to something here! We can’t wait to see what the Snap the Gap girls create!

Emily Tuteur