Carnival Showcase

Host a celebratory carnival with interactive games!

Session ROLES:

🐙 = Site Coordinator

🦉= Mentor


Notes for Site Coordinators and Mentors:

  • This is part 3 of the Carnival Games Challenge and the final session of the Snap the Gap program. In this session, you will host a Carnival Showcase where girls, mentors, and parents will take turns playing each other’s interactive games. 

  • Please invite parents and caregivers to come partake in this session!

  • This session guide provides an outline for the Carnival Games Showcase, but feel free to improvise or put your own spin to things. If you have an idea for an experience or celebration that will get girls excited, go for it!  If you do change things up, we would love to hear what has been successful for you!    

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Session Overview

The Carnival Showcase is the third and final session in the Carnival Games Challenge

  • In this final session, girls will have the chance to showcase what they’ve created and learnings from the program. 

  • This is a celebratory event in which participants can play with interactive carnival games created by the girls

  • The session closes out with an emphasis on (previously so girls can continue their journey


Session Details


1-2 hours (you choose)





Bits + Accessories:

Snap the Gap STEM Kit


Mentors will need to bring a connected device (phone, tablet, or computer) to access instructional videos

Nice to have: 

  • Snacks

  • Extra craft materials is case of last minute invention fixes or updates

  • Tickets and/or score cards for carnival games (see Share section below)

Other Materials:

*Extra 9V batteries (very important for this session!)



Theme: Interaction Design

Objectives: By the end of the Carnival Games Challenge, girls will be able to:

  • Use actual carnival games as inspiration for the games that they’d like to reinvent.

  • Create a functioning circuit(s) that brings their game to life (can be motion, lights, sound or a combination of).

  • Design a carnival game, that is real or imagined.

  • Give and receive constructive verbal feedback while testing their inventions.

  • Write an instruction set for creating their game and how players can win.

  • Share their game with others and explain the rules of the game.




Post Survey

**Mentors should facilitate opening the link for mentees.


Set Up


  • Invite parents and caregivers to join the final session. This is a nice way for girls to showcase what they’ve made.

  • As this last session is meant to be a celebration, add some fun elements. Play music, provide snacks, or host a fun warm up activity

  • Make sure to have extra 9V batteries on hand to ensure that every girl is able to showcase her invention.

  • Make sure girls’ have their kit, carnival game inventions, and posters from the previous session. 

  • You may want to set out some craft materials in case girls want to make any last minute updates.


  • Make sure to bring a charged connected device (phone, iPad, or computer) to access the session outline.


Meet Up

5 min


  • Take attendance and make sure mentors and girls are paired off.


  • Discuss with your mentee:

    • How was your week?

    • Discuss with girls what they need to prep to be ready for the carnival



10 min


Provide a brief welcome and outline of the session: Welcome to the final Snap the Gap session. Today, girls will share inventions they’ve created for our interactive carnival. We are so excited to see share everyone has made! It’s also ok if the inventions aren’t completely finished - some may still be in the prototype phase.

Here is the plan for the day:

  • Girls take post-survey

  • After the survey, girls will have about 10 minutes to set up their inventions

  • Girls will have a chance to present their interactive games

  • Then we will all take turns playing each other’s games 

  • Lastly, we will wrap with some closing words

We will start with the survey!


Post Survey

15 min



  • Administer online survey to girls. 

    • Sample Mentor Script: Next we’d like you to complete a short online survey. I have pulled up the survey and you can complete it here. Take your time to answer the questions. These should be your honest opinions. There are no wrong answers! Pull up the survey and pass over to mentee [CLICK FOR SURVEY LINK]



70 Min


Girls and mentors will have time before the presentation to set their inventions up, test them out, and prep for the presentation. We suggest about 10 minutes.

  • Set up the inventions, power them on and test them out

  • Make any final tweaks or updates

  • Set out the game poster or flyer


  • Celebrate the work the girls have done before they begin sharing. Give them a huge round of applause for their collaboration, creativity, tenacity, etc (whatever you noticed them doing well)


  • Depending on your time and size, have participants give an explanation and demo to the whole group. Not everyone needs to participate - don’t force anyone who does not want to.

  • We suggest giving each girl/group ~5 minutes to present.

    • TIP: If you have a large group, divide them into subgroups and have them share out to that smaller group.

  • Mentors can help document the final presentation by taking photos

  • During the presentation, mentors can also help prompt mentees with questions

  • If time, girls and mentors can ask questions about the invention

  • Give everyone another round of applause after everyone has presented.



  • Set out the posters out next to each group’s invention and take turns playing each other’s games. 

  • Consider giving girls game tickets to play a set number of games, or hand out scorecards for players to provide additional feedback to inventors.



10 Min


Ask: Did everyone have fun? What was your favorite part of inventing? What are you most proud of? What was the trickiest obstacle you overcame? What did you learn by building your invention? [have girls and mentors shout out their answers]. 

Thank you to all the girls who participated in the program and brought their curious inventor minds to the table every week. Thank you to the mentors who volunteered their time and are the ultimate STEM champions for the girls. Thanks to the parents for supporting your daughter on her STEM journey.

Next Steps

You may ask how you can continue your STEM journey after the program. We have an answer for you! As part of the Snap the Gap program, all girls received a code for a free subscription to (previously Girls, you should have been given this code on a piece of paper on the first day of the program. If not, please let me know! To continue your invention journey beyond today, please sign up for using your code if you have not already done so. will provide instructions on how to build more inventions with littleBits. It also has all sorts of other fun STEM courses you can participate in - like weird science and photography!

That’s it! Girls will get to take their Kits and inventions home today. Please make sure you have all your parts with you before you leave.



10 Min

Wrap Up


  • Make sure girls power off the Power Bit and disconnect the battery.

  • Clean up: Make sure girls have all the parts shown on the side of the box and put them away in the kit. If girls were participating in groups, be sure that everyone has a full set before they go.

  • Girls may take their game inventions home if they like.


Log Your Session

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After the session, please fill out the Session Feedback Form

Get Social! 

📷 We love to see invention in action! Take photos/videos of your session and tag us on social with the hashtag #snapthegap. *Please make sure you have sharing authorization from parents and your affiliated organization before posting.